Increasing annual marketing qualified pipeline by £24m a year.

  • One of the core pieces of work I undertook while in my role with Rhino was a gradual evolution in the brand with the aim of becoming the leading office design & build company in the Midlands.

  • Took the average inbound enquiry value from £70k to £180k, alongside significantly scaling the volume of new enquiries.

rhino website 2019


Driving the business to more than double in revenue in 3 years.

  • StowAg is a regional agricultural supplies business whose sales were fairly stagnant when I started working with them.

  • One of the main elements we focussed on improving was awareness and consideration of our target audience within the store’s 50-mile radius by building the brand.

StowAg Hero


A campaign that drove a significant increase in B2B market share.

  • This campaign involved targeting businesses of between 100 and 1000 employees in the UK. Following the success of this, the campaign was then rolled out by Microsoft globally.

  • The #LumiaBizTrial programme delivered a pipeline return on investment of 44:1.

  • The #LumiaBizTrial programme delivered a pipeline return on investment of 44:1.

Microsoft LumiaBizTrial


Helping take market share from 11% to 18% with this double award-winning campaign.

  • When people tried Lumia for their business, 82% of people wanted to switch from their current device. The main problem was that not enough people were considering trying them in the first place.

  • I managed this campaign from planning through to completion in a project that focussed on awareness and consideration for Nokia.

Nokia #LumiaBizTrial


A re-brand and website redesign to give Sweet a fresh new platform for future growth.

  • The rebrand for Sweet HR involved giving them a fresh new look and feel that purposely differentiated their style from other HR & Recruitment companies.

  • The secondary part of the project involved the design and development of a new site on WordPress that I built from scratch.

Sweet HR Website