Why hire a marketing consultant rather than employing someone?

Hiring a Marketing Consultant will usually give you a highly experienced marketer who has worked with a wide-range of businesses and has successfully delivered marketing strategies and plans for them.

Whilst on paper it may mean a higher day rate than if you were to employ someone to deliver your marketing in-house, the value I bring is that I have wide-ranging marketing experience, and a trusted network of great marketing, design, and development specialists to call upon to support where needed. It means you get the strategic mind when you need it, blending seamlessly into delivery of your plan by experts in their field. All of this is managed by the marketing consultant to ensure they are delivering the results for your business.

Employing someone permanently can definitely work for some businesses, there’s no doubt. If you’re looking at going down that route, you really need to understand what the business needs to make its marketing a success, as most marketers will either be generalist across a range of areas, or perhaps a specialist in one or two.