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3 ways a Marketing Consultant can save you money

Could it be your now or never moment? How you might benefit from hiring a marketing consultant.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant is like splurging on a really expensive pair of jeans, you know you could go to Next and buy a cheaper pair, but in the long run, think of £ per wear, you will wear these trusty jeans over and over, they won’t start to sag after the first wash, the colour won’t fade, they will see you through some big meetings and create countless great first impressions. Overall your investment will pay dividends.

So, just like those jeans you’ve been eying up, consider the support of a Marketing Consultant at this time. It might seem like a luxury item but can you really afford to be making mistakes right now, can you afford to not get your message out there and can you afford to place everything that you have built up over the years in the hands of anyone other than an expert in marketing?

Here are the top 3 benefits of hiring a Marketing Consultant:

1. Help in developing the right marketing strategy & roadmap

If like many businesses you are needing to re-evaluate your position and strategy for the future and want some external expertise to help you do so, hiring a marketing consultant can be a highly beneficial and cost-effective way of getting access to some serious marketing thinking and experience when you need it most, rather than needing to employ someone well into the higher salary bracket on a permanent basis.

2. Senior marketing resource on a part-time or ad-hoc basis

Lots of companies are looking to develop a successful on a strategically important marketing project from an external resource. I love getting involved with brands to help them on a short-term or retained basis to give you the peace of mind that you get with the experience, but without the eye-watering costs of that senior resource on a full-time employed basis. Whether you need help repositioning your brand, want advice on where to go next, have a business-critical project that you can’t afford the risk of going wrong, or want ongoing help to set you on the right path and keep you on it, we’re here to help.

3. Supporting and developing an in-house junior team

There is no doubt that having an in-house marketing team can have its benefits. It gives you the flexibility and agility that working with marketing agencies often doesn’t afford you on a day-to-day basis. However, what it often doesn’t give you is the strategic experience when you need it most. What does the roadmap to success look like for you in the next 3 years? How do you need to evolve as a business and brand to stay relevant? How do you get ahead of the competition?

Marketing Consultants generally have the benefit of having worked with numerous businesses across various sectors. It gives them a perspective that can make them invaluable to business owners, bringing in fresh ideas, and being able to therefore nurture a junior team and help deliver the vision and strategy.

Do any of these sound familiar?

If any of these resonate, why not get in touch with me and let me know about your business challenges. I might just be able to help!

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